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We hope that we can answer any questions that you may have below:


Who are Fay & Latta?

Fay & Latta are a UK based acoustic duo consisting of vocalist Anneka and guitarist Tom. They play live acoustic music at weddings, parties, gala dinners and other events. They also write and perform their own original songs. 

What songs do you play?

The acoustic song repertoires are extremely varied and is continuously updated. They are happy to consider your song requests and the list of songs can be viewed here

How much do Fay & Latta charge?

Fay & Latta are committed to providing their clients with the best music at affordable prices. Prices differ according to the type of event and packages chosen.

​For more information please contact us via e-mail at:

How much deposit do I need to pay to secure my booking?

Fay & Latta require a non-refundable deposit of £50 to reserve the date.

Where in the UK do Fay & Latta play?

Fay & Latta can be booked within the UK, however they are based in West Yorkshire and therefore offer more competitive prices in this area.  Please e-mail the band with your venue details for a quote.

Where can I see Fay & Latta perform before booking?

Fay & Latta occasionally play showcases and bars in order to allow people to see them in view of bookings. They also play regular Facebook Live events. 

​Please view the Shows page for upcoming dates.

Will the band provide their own P.A and lighting?

Yes! Fay & Latta  provide their own professional sound and lighting equipment for events of up to approximately 200 capacity.  All acoustic packages use a top of the range Bose sound system which provides excellent sound and allows for a quick and discreet assembly and pack up.

How much space do the band need?

The acoustic duo require a minimum area of approximately 2m x 2m and can fit in to small areas to provide a discreet setup.

Do Fay & Latta take song requests?

Yes! The duo aim to provide the best service possible for their clients and will endeavour to accommodate as many requests as possible.  If you would like Fay & Latta to play a song live that is not currently in their set list then please ensure that you request this as early as possible, to allow them adequate time to prepare.

How much time do Fay & Latta need to set up?

Acoustic packages can be set up quickly and discreetly. Fay & Latta require approximately 30 minutes to set up the PA and to have an adequate sound check in advance of the performance.  The band prefer to set up and sound check before the arrival of guests where possible.

How long do the duo play for?

Acoustic packages will be tailored to your requirements.  The most popular booking is drink receptions and the duo will ensure that music is played throughout or as required.

What venues will the band play?

The band will play a wide variety of venues ranging from pubs and village halls to theaters, halls and hotel function rooms.  The band are happy to perform in marquees and outdoor areas providing that adequate shelter and power is provided.

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